11'th Aarogya Film Festival.

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Health & Human Growth,
Mission! - Not a Dream.

A Safety and First Aid Education
Awareness Project

सामान्य ते असामान्य
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who we are

Who We Are?

P.M. Shah Foundation, is the charitable Trust registered under Maharashtra Public Trust Act, 1950 vide Registration No. is E-4781 Pune. Our organization works for the Noble cause of health and human growth in Pune city. The main objective is to serve society by creating awareness about health hazards, by providing necessary help, Educating masses and by partnering with them to disseminate and apply new knowledge.

What We Do?

The P.M. Shah Foundation, a Charitable Origination, is based in Pune and has been working for the cause of health awareness since 2006. Followings are some key projects / programmers conducted by the foundation.

School sanitation

School sanitation and clean drinking water project.

Doctor at Your Doorstep

Advocacy program for Women Public Sanitation in Pune city.

Advocacy program for Organ Donation.

Emergency Medical Services

Project on Emergency Medical Services

Aarogya Film Festival

Counselling Centre

Aarogya Counselling Centre functioning mainly for slum community

Health Summits and Awards

Organizing Health Summits and Awards

HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme

Upcoming Events


An exclusive festival for films on health issues.
– Documentary Feature Film
– Documentary feature with runtime <60 minutes in length.
– Fiction Short Film
– Fiction short film with runtime <30 minutes.

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Latest News

Aarogya Film Festival – Youth & Health by P.M.Shah Foundation, 2011

IBN लोकमत या न्युज चॅनेल वरील Citizen Journalist या कार्यक्रमामध्ये संस्थेच्या कार्यकर्त्या कार्तिकी शिर्के या ‘महिलांचे स्वच्छतागृह व महिलांचे सर्वांगीण आरोग्य’ या संदर्भात बातमी देताना.

सोमवार , ३ ओक्टोबर २०११ रोजी IBN लोकमत या न्यूज़ चेनल वरील “नवलोत्सव” कार्यक्रमात पी.एम्.शहा फौंडेशन द्वारा स्त्रिभ्रूणहत्या आणि सोनोग्राफी सेंटर्सच्या सर्वेक्षणची बातमी.