Project and Survey

School Sanitation & Safe Drinking water

Along with our basic needs, clean drinking water and toilets are equally important human needs. It is proven that poor sanitation and drinking water facilities affect human health. Hence, lot of focus need to be given on improving these facilities for the citizens. Children between 1 year to 14 years of age are vulnerable to 5 out of 10 deadliest diseases due to contamination of water, unhealthy sanitation and poor personal hygiene.
They spend significant amount of time in school and if the school’s drinking water and sanitation facilities are unhygienic and the premise is not clean then it adversely affects children’s health.
Considering these facts, in 2010 P.M. Shah Foundation decided to spread awareness in schools around “School Sanitation & Safe Drinking Water” and its importance in children’s health. The organization decided to conduct a survey in 50 schools in Pune district to find out the condition of drinking water and sanitation there. The result of the survey was not
good. Majority of the schools had these facilities below the expected standards and unacceptable. Therefore, the organization decided to work with these schools and bring out changes in behavioural pattern of students and the changes in school’s approach towards maintaining these facilities at par. Now, P.M. Shah Foundation has a strong experience of working with 50 schools where lots of positive changes have been
brought out after its intervention.

• 50 schools from Pune were covered in the survey
• Objective was to check the scenarios and condition of water and sanitation facilities in schools
• Considering the observation, a school project has been implemented in those schools for last 10 years.
• Students benefitted from this project are approximately 47,665.
• Schools under this project for last 10 years are 62.
• Arogyadoots (Care takers of this project at School) 3,270.
• Teachers participated under this project are 186.
• Indirect impact on families of students.
• Impact: Issue was highlighted in Maharashtra State Assembly and accordingly basic amenities were provided by Schools.
• Some Schools were felicitated by Zilla Parishad under Swach Sunder Shala Puraskar

Doctor at your Doorstep (For more than 10 years)

• It is a monthly activity of P.M.Foundation.
• Organized on every fourth Saturday of the month.
• Renowned doctors from different fraternity are invited for this Program.
• Awareness lecture on health prevention, and precautions are delivered
• People can directly have the dialogue with doctors.
• Impact: Awareness on health prevention, and precautions

Public toilets for women & Sanitation

• The survey was conducted to check if Pune city is gender friendly city or not.
• Women of various ages met at public places were interviewed.
• Issues related to unavailability of public toilets were identified.
• Suggestions to tackle these issues and make the city gender friendly were given to PMC.
• Impact: Issue was raised by SUMTO in Bombay High Court and Bombay High court issued a guideline to Pune Municipal Corporation to construct Public Washrooms for Women’s On that basis direction by Honourable High Court Pune Municipal Corporation constructed near about 435 sanitation blocks in Pune City.

Organ donation Awareness Advocacy

• 400 citizens and 9 hospitals were part of the survey
• Objective was to check if citizens are aware about organ donation and its transplantation and see if the hospitals are well aware and equipped about the transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues act
• Unfortunately, the survey results were not favourable.
• Impact: Advocacy & Awareness program was conducted.

First Aid in Disaster Management training program

• Aims to equip Teaching and Nonteaching staff of School with the tools to appropriately provide the initial First Aid.
• Program was conducted in Schools of Pune
• More than 200 Teachers were benefitted from this project
• More than 60 non-Teaching staff were benefitted from this project.
• Impact: The training program led to a significant and sustained improvement in teachers’ First Aid capacity. School teachers were equipped to provide appropriate and timely basic care for students injured at school.

Aarogya Film Festival

• India’s 1 st and largest Health Film Festival is started by P.M Foundation.
• Till date more than thousands of National & Internationally acclaimed films were showcased in Arogya Film Festival.
• Renowned film makers like Vishal Bhardwaj, Farhan Akhtar, Sai Paranjape and many film makers submitted their Films.
• Kerala Government- Health Department sent 3 movies in 9 th Arogya Film Festival.
• Impact: Participation of Youth had increased, as films are the best tool for making awareness. Also got the best opportunity to young creative film makers show case their Health Awareness films to the Society.

Mahila Arogya Samelan

Today’s changing lifestyle has many psychological and physical effects on the health of women. For example, lifestyle, stress, emotional wellbeing, depression, exercise and diet, menopause and its consequences on marital life.
Hence on the occasion of, World Women’s Heath Day, We Organise Mahila Arogya Samelan every year for more than 10 Years. Well-known Doctors guide and talk about the these health related issues in our “Changing Lifestyle and Women’s Health” program.

Samanya te Asamanya

Some people are born in the society in such a way that they do extraordinary work, out of ordinary situations on the strength of their determination, perseverance, hard work and their own efforts. A person who touches lives of people and inspire them, and leaves the world a better place. Extraordinary living doesn’t happen by accident. It is a deliberate act of rising to meet your challenges from the power of knowing who you are, what you are here to do, and what you want from and for the world. The work done by them creates energy and a hopeful ray of change in the society. Through this “Samanya te
Asamnya” platform we at P. M. Shah Foundation try to capture the various aspects of the life journey of such persons.

AIDS Awareness Under School Adolescence Life Skill Education Program- (SALSEP)

• The focus was on ethical values, character building and HIV related awareness
• Program was conducted for adolescents of both sexes in Schools.
• Age group of14 to 16 years studying in 9th and 11th standard
• More than 200 schools from Pune District were Covered.
• Aids awareness workshop was conducted for Teachers.
• Students benefitted from this project are approximately 20,000.
• Teachers participated under this project are approximately 500.
• Impact: Awareness of HIV and prevention, and precautions. A meaningful and productive life. Channelizing youth energy in a meaningful direction
• Indirect impact on families of students and teachers.

HIV/Aids Awareness Program

  • Organized awareness program on HIV/AIDS with PowerPoint presentation at HND hostel, Shivajinagar, Pune
  • Blood, Urine, HIV, Diabetes checking Camp for HND hostel student, Shivajinagar, Pune
  • HIV/AIDS awareness program in 50 colleges of Pune.
  • Pediatric Health Camp For Children of Sex Worker women, Budhwar Peth, Pune
  • In collaboration with Pune Zillah Parishad, the foundation has done One year project on HIV/AIDS awareness for a young generation at various Schools & Jr. Colleges in Pune. We reached around 351 schools & 55,400 students during the project.
HIV/Aids Awareness Program

Survey on School Drinking Water & Sanitation

Survey on School Drinking Water & Sanitation
  • Foundation successfully did Survey on School drinking water & sanitation facilities in 50 schools of Pune. The impact of this project, the issue raised in Maharashtra State Assembly about the present scenario of “Schools Drinking Water and Sanitation” after that the Pune Municipal Corporation has sanctioned 4 corers rupees budget for Schools drinking water and Sanitation.
  • Foundation organized the workshop for school principal & teachers to give them guidance & training regarding the school drinking water & sanitation.
  • After completing the above survey foundation is currently running the one-year pilot project in selected 5 schools on Hygiene Education out of these 50 schools.

Survey on Women Sanitation Facilities in Pune City

Survey on School Drinking Water & Sanitation
Foundation successfully did Survey on women sanitation facilities for public places in Pune. The main object of this survey is to make the Pune Gender friendly city.

Survey on Sonography Clinics in Pune City

P.M.Shah Foundation conducted a survey of 349 Sonography centers in Pune city. The main objective of this survey was to create awareness among people about declining sex ratio in pune city.