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Toilets Scarce or None at All, Students ‘Ration’ Water Intake

Indian Express
12 October 2011
Pune, India

Toilets Scarce or None at All, Students ‘Ration’ Water Intake “We don’t drink too much water before coming to school so that we don’t have to use the public toilet that is always dirty. In case it is very urgent, we take permission from the teacher and go home.” This is what a class X student of a school run by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) revealed.

The reply to an RTI query by an advocate shows many PMC-run schools do not have proper toilets. In some schools, there are no separate toilets for girls and in some others, there is no toilet at all, which is against government guidelines that make it mandatory for schools to have a toilet for every 40 students.

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